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The Tag settings form
The Tags settings form

1. Tag name (Mandatory) - The tag name is the value displayed when working with the different features  of My Photo Index the tag names are not unique so you can have two tags describing 'Red' one under the 'Cars' tag and one under 'Colors'.

2. Tag description - Used for a longer description of the tag, currently this field is informational only.

3. Tag image - This is the image that will be displayed on the query interface and the Tag Palette, you can change the image by clicking inside the image frame.

4. Tag Keyword (from version 1.18) - This field represents a unique keyword related to an IPTC tag, when importing an image containing IPTC keywords the imported images will automatically be assigned to the related tags, when importing tags with IPTC keyword that does not exist - a new tag will be created under the 'Imported Tags' category.

5. Tag order (from version 1.19) - You can change the order of the tags under their parent, Tag categories(top level tags) are sorted in ABC order by default so they're order is determined automatically and cannot be changed.

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