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The main image context menu

My Photo Index image context menu
Copy - Copies the image file path into memory, the image can later be pasted into any windows folder on Hard drive, record-able CD or a USB drive.
Delete - Removes and image from the index database and optionally from disk.
Rotate 90 degrees right - Rotates the image clockwise, The image is both in the display as well as on file.
Rotate 90 degrees left - Rotates an image counter-clockwise,  The image is both in the display as well as on file.
Edit - Opens the selected image for edit in the preferred editing software, If no software was defined then the settings form will appear.
Privacy - Opens the privacy sub menu.
Tags - Opens the Tags sub menu.
Share - Will open a dialog with the list of all sharing plug-ins installed, by default the system provides plug-ins for Facebook, Flick, Pic4u & the My Photo Index sharing service, Print - Will open the print options dialog with the installed print formats, Print formats can be added via the plug-in system.
Open containing folder - Locates the image on disk. Set as desktop wallpaper - will set the image as the current windows desktop background.
  Change image data - Opens the image data editing sub menu.

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