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The Tag Tree

Tag Tree


1. The tags tree structure - this is where you can navigate or add/change your image tags, the number of tags you can add is unlimited so is the number of levels you can have, so you can build a tag structure that looks like: People->Family->Close Family->Benny without any problems, Images can be tagged with any of the tags in the tree structure Except for Categories  Categories are the top level tags (like People & Other in the image on the right) (tagging images is done by dragging the tags from the tree structure and dropping it on one of the images),. The Tag editing menu is accessible by Right-Clicking on one of the Tags - there you can add, Remove or edit your tags.


2. Tags Palette - The tags Palette in a good thing to use when you have a lot of images to tag with the same tags all over again, for instance when you take pictures of your kid's birthday you will most likely have a tag for 1st Grandfather, 2nd Grandfather, Mom & Dad so navigating in the Tree structure can be annoying, to overcome this, just drag your most frequently used tags(for this session) to the Tags Palette and then you can just drag them to your images. The tags palette is also good for copying tags from one image to another - By dragging an image or images onto the tags palette you can extract the tags from the image(s).

3. Tag Filter check-box - well, that's what it's all about, after you've worked hard on tagging all of your images, just check a tag (or multiple tags) to filter and see all images checked with the selected tag(s), if you wish to filter-out a tag press the CTRL key and check the tag's check-box, the check-box will become red and the tag will be excluded from the search.

4. Add new category button - use this button to add a new category to the tag structure (a category is a top level tag (like People & Other in the image on the right), after pressing this button the Add new category form will be shown.

 5. Find un-tagged images - pressing this button will filter the images and show only images without any tag.

6. Show images taken in the passed 30 days - pressing this button will filter the images to show only images taken in the last 30 days.

7. Show images taken in the last 7 days - pressing this button will filter the images to show only images taken in the last 7 days.

8. Clear filter - this is actually an important button, it is used to clear the images filter and go back to display all images,If this button is enabled it means that a filter is active.

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