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Image tagging
Image tagging is the main feature of My Photo Index, this section contains information regarding tag management and image tagging methods.

The Tag Tree
The tag tree is the the main tagging control of My Photo Index, using the tag tree you can add, edit, remove and filter tags.   read more...
The Tag settings form
The Tag settings form is used for adding and editing a tag's properties such as name and image,to access this form right click on a tag and select Add/Edit from the menu.   read more...
How to add a new tag
This section explains how to add a new sub tag to the tag tree structure.   read more...
The Basics of image tagging
There is more then one way to tag your images, read this section to learn the basic tagging methods of MyPhotoIndex.   read more...
How to remove tags from images
There are 2 ways you can remove tags from an images, this is an explanation of these methods.   read more...
Complex tag search
The easiest way to filter your images is probably just checking the desired tags from the tag tree on the right side of the application window, In this tutorial I will try to shortly describe how to use the more advanced tags search feature MyPhotoIndex has to offer.   read more... | digg digg | technorati technorati | stumbleupon stumbleupon | facebook facebook | live live
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