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 1/30/2012 5:43 PM

I've searched a long time to find the "perfect" photo browser and cataloger. I think this is it, i love it.

Batch rename is certainly something I would appreciate to have. Yes I have such software that does the job. If it was integreted in My Photo Index, it would be nice.

Some features would include

- include exif data in the name (all or portion of it)

- Add before, after, Replace, Crop, renumber

- Rename Prefix, Suffix

- Repad, change case

- etc

This would show the before and after and would include more than one option before the files are renamed

Thank You

Jean Fortier

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 2/14/2012 7:11 PM


Sorry for the late response,

My personal belife is that people should not be dealing with 'files'. and that is the main reason My Photo Index is a bit weak on the File features side. however it should be possible to write a plugin for renaming files with preview and more.

These days I'm working on an online version of My Photo Index that will index photos stores on media like Dropbox and Amazon s3

There is a beta/test system on

So I'm not sure I'll have the time to develope this plugin by myself. if you have some / c# coding expieirience I can give you the code for a sample plugin.

What software are you currently using for the renaming?

Thanks and regards,


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 2/15/2012 7:42 PM

I use Ulead Photo Explorer 8.6 for my photo renamer. This software does not use thumbnail, therefore, it takes for ever to see hundreds of pictures.

Jean Fortier

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