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 1/10/2009 4:50 AM

I am trying to use the complex tag search but I am not getting the expected results. Lets say I have I have the following tags:


If I drag Pets into "With (And)" and Pets\Butch into "WIthout",  I would expect to get all Pictures of Pets except those tagged with Pets\Butch.  Instead I get all Pets pictures, including Pets\Butch

Not knowing the exact structre of the DB and Tables, I would expect my query would be something like:

SELECT * from MyPhotoIndex WHERE Tag LIKE 'Pets\%' AND NOT Tag = 'Pets\Butch'

Am I doing something wrong or am I interpretting your query tool wrong?  Also can you add a simple Free form SQL Query tool too?


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 1/10/2009 11:46 AM

Hi Brian,

I'm currently checking this, indeed it looks like a bug,

The system actually doesn't use SQL rather then an in memory query engine, so SQL syntax is not currently supported,

in the meantime you can select(check) the 'Pets' tag from the tag tree and then using the CTRL key select(check) the 'Pets\Butch' tag, this should give you the effect you are looking for. please read section 3 here

I'll post back when I have more findings regarding this issue.




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