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 4/6/2009 10:32 AM


I have been programming for years using VS 6.0 C++.  I have just upgraded to VS 2008 Professional Edition and Iam trying to get my head around dotNet. Let's say I have steep learning curve ahead.

I have down loaded the myphotoindex-17866 code and registered Microsofts WIA

When I compile the code, it compiles successfully but gives a warning "Could not locate the assembly System.Web.Extensions, Version=1.0.61025.0......"   If I try load this reference manually I get an incompatible message because the System.Web.Extensions NET component on my system is version and my runtime environment/target Framework is set to version 2.0 in setup.  Is this reference needed...If not, shall I delete the reference from the project.  Or if required should I simply change my target framework to 3.5 Or try down grade my system to V2.0 NET?    Note: I am running Windows XP version 2002 service pack 3.

I also have 69 Mb 4 channel (RGBA) 16 bit tif images which don't load into MyPhotoIndex.  The Import mamager doesn't crash, rather it nicely lets me know that these images weren't loaded.  If I try read these images using the GDI+ library in any of my routines the Bitmapfromfile function will throw an exception error.  I can however read these images if I use the libtiff library.  So I am contemplating writing a format provider for MyPhotoIndex which utilises the libtiff library to read tif images.  Would this comply with MyPhotoIndex objectives?  ie. would this be an assistance to the MyPhotoIndex project?  If so, were do I look for some tips & tricks to writting a format provider?


David Ralph

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 4/18/2009 12:41 AM

Hi David,
I'm sorry for the late response, apparently there was a corruption in the DNN Forum database and your message got lost..
The reference to System.Web.Extensions can be removed(it's in there by mistake) this is a reference to the MS AJAX library and is not used. I will remove it in the next check in.

I think that a good tiff provider can be a very good addition, Writing a new provider should be rather simple ( you should implement the IImageFormatProvider interface only), I will post a small sample for writing an image format provider you can use as a reference.



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