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Why My Photo Index?
Well, there are a lot of similar applications that can help you with organizing your images like Google's Picasa or Adobe Photoshop Album, But My Photo Index is much better(Just kidding), The real reason that I have started writing this application was that other applications just had too many features, I needed a fast easy to use application for myself and family so the task of tagging and locating images will be easy and effective.
My own image collection currently consists of more than 9000 images and clips so this kind of image cataloging application is a must. Another reason for writing this application was to ensure that my cataloging work would not be thrown away, ever.
How can you contribute?
My Photo Index Is currently being developed on my "spare time", Most of the definitions are coming from myself, family and friends, and of course from the valuable forum members.
Your comments and observations are important and will make My Photo Index better.
Design statement

My Photo Index is written completely using Microsoft C# and was designed with an extensible plug-in architecture in mind so development is quite fast. I can't guarantee that this application is or will ever be bug free (nor can anyone in the software industry) however, I will try to fix bugs as soon as I find them or anyone reports them ,Please be kind and post the bugs you find in this forum. | digg digg | technorati technorati | reddit reddit | stumbleupon stumbleupon | facebook facebook | live live
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