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My Photo Index is a free open source photo organizer. It focuses on image tagging and cataloging and offers a clear & simple user friendly interface. My Photo Index handles major file types as well as Avi clips and can read and convert RAW image formats, My Photo Index can help you hide private images from prying eyes, and let you easily share your images with family and friends.Read More...
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Use My Photo Index Photo organizer for powerfull image sharing with unlimited possibilities,
You can send images using Flickr, Facebook, IM tools or any web based email account such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Web Forums, Blogs and more. And if you're up to it, you can even write your own custom sharing plug-in.

  Easy & intuitive
   Download, Install, Run in about 2 minutes.
  Put a stop to photo mess, start organizing today.
  My Photo Index photo organizer, Is easy, fast and open,
  So No one will own your hard work of photo tagging.
  Your Photos are now easy to find and easy to share.


My Photo Index Photo Organizer contains No adware, spyware or malware.  
Over 80,000 downloads
  Download 1.4MB

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...While there are many index photo software packages out there, MyPhotoIndex has to be one of the more impressive ones... read more

  O. James Fagbire  


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Fast, good-looking program, Allows me to look through and index photos, easy interface, stable.

I have used PhotoExplorer and Picassa, which have different features, but this beats both of them easily for what it's core function is.

Excellent program

Kireta, FileForum




...That is why software pieces like MyPhotoIndex are extremely useful in today's society. It is a free photo organizer that allows you to assign categories to all your photos and sort them in a number of different ways... read more

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